The committee structure reflects the strategic direction of Summit and Portage District of the Ohio Nurses Association. Committees always welcome new members.  If you are interested, contact the District Office.

The Nominating Committee (elected)

  • Asks members to submit names of members who are qualified and willing to serve as officers, directors, members of the Nominating Committee and ONA delegates
  • Secures the consent to serve, prepares the ballot and submits it to the Board of Directors prior to distribution to the membership.

Bylaws Committee

  • Reviews bylaws biennially for conformity to ONA bylaws
  • Solicits and reviews proposed amendments to the bylaws of SPDONA
  • Submits proposed amendments to the Board of Directors for approval
  • Submits amendments approved by the Board of Directors to the membership for vote


  • Karen Budd
  • Marlene Peoples-Wetshtein

Communications & Public Relations Committee

  • Ensures periodic productions of The District Direction newsletter, blast emails, and/or other means to communicate district news, activities, and issues of importance to the membership and public;
  • Assures the district website is kept current, relevant to members’ needs, and accurate; and
  • Facilitates the use of technology for members’ ease and convenience in participating in association activities.


  • Ratchneewan Ross
  • Darren Stevenson.

Community Wellness Committee

  • Identifies the health and wellness needs of the bi-county populations
  • Engages in at least one health-promoting activity annually in the bi-county area


  • Earl Blackstone
  • Mary Calabro
  • Marie Cinalli
  • Janice Dennis
  • Johanna Edwards,
  • Jean Kaminski
  • Carol Korman
  • Sonta Robinson

Healthcare Advocacy Committee

  • Scans and reports the community’s political climate related to health and wellness issues and legislative endeavors of the ANA and ONA.
  • Recommends a course of action to proposed health and wellness legislation of the federal, state or local government and/or community groups
  • Interviews local candidates for office and makes endorsement recommendations to ONA


  • June Adams
  • Peggy Halter
  • Jeni Huth
  • Dottie Marsh
  • Emily McClung
  • Beth McVan
  • Marlene Peoples-Wetshtein

Professional Development Committee

  • Provides continuing education opportunities for leadership development.
  • Provides programs for continuing education based on a plan to foster professional development.
  • Recognizes excellence in leadership and professional development and recommends recipients of the SPDONA awards to the Board of Directors


  • Davina Gosnell
  • Nancy McManus
  • Linda Riazi-Kermani
  • Connie Stopper

​updated 02/24/2016