September 21, 2022, District Meeting

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Our nurse members come from various places of employment in various areas of practice – staff nurse, public health nurse, nurse educators, and administration to name a few. The educational background of our membership is just as diverse, ranging from two year diploma preparation to PhD in Nursing and other areas. All of us come together in collegiality to work for advancement of the profession and to serve the healthcare needs of the public.

conv_21_del.jpgSPDONA comes with great benefits. Membership in SPDONA connects you with local nurses and provides unique opportunities for you to advance your career, gain knowledge that will improve patient care and influence decisions that impact nurses at the local and state level.


SPDONA participates in county fairs and other local events.


Pictured:  Hannah Myers, Marie Cinalli, Jean Kaminski, Deborah Loyd


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