About Us


Summit and Portage District is the recognized leader and advocate for professional nursing in Summit & Portage Counties.



The Board of Directors of SPDONA consists of 4 Officers and 6 Directors elected on a staggered basis with the ballots being mailed to each member in the January/February/March newsletter and the results being read at the Annual Meeting in March. Each member on the Board also serves as a liaison to one of the district’s six committees.

President: Marie Cinalli
Vice President: Earl Blackstone
Secretary: Deborah Baker
Treasurer: Marlene Wetshtein

Deb Meredith
Jennifer (Jeni) Huth
Darren Stevenson
Marva Walker

Our Members

SPDONA is comprised of approximately 900 registered nurses who live and/or work in the two county area. Our members are today’s modern, in-the-know, connected nurses who enjoy many member benefits. SPDONA is a true member-driven organization. Our members guide our work through their participation on councils and committees. Additionally, we send a delegation to the Ohio Nurses Association Convention to help influence nursing at the state level. Our members are also active at the at national level via the American Nurses Association.